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Lord Mortigan was a noble on a planet with a medieval style society. When the Dragon Lord freed the dragons on the planet from being enslaved, leading to the death of the royal family, Lord Mortigan intended to take the Dragon Lord's head. Joining him to stop the Dragon Lord were the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, Sir Edryc Dragonsbane and Weezie. After Mortigan killed a baby dragon, its parents attacked, splitting the group in half. Clara, Mortigan and Sir Edryc ran for a cave, where Edryc shielded Clara and Mortigan from a dragon's flames. Edryc eventually sacrificed his life to save Clara and Lord Mortigan, and they reunited with the other group at the Red Castle, and found that the Dragon Lord had been killed, believing they would have been grateful to him for liberating them. After the Doctor and Clara reached the TARDIS, the Doctor called rescue ships for the surviving colonists to leave the dragons in peace. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

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