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Morton Dill was an American tourist from Alabama who visited New York City in 1966. While on the Empire State Building's observation deck, he encountered the First Doctor, his companions Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki Pallister and a Dalek. He assumed they were all actors. (TV: "Flight Through Eternity")

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Morton Dill was played by Peter Purves, who began his tenure as companion Steven Taylor in the sixth episode of The Chase, "The Planet of Decision."
  • More information is given about Dill in the novelisation: he is named Morton C. Dill, and is described as always speaking without thinking and was nicknamed "Dill the Pill" in school for being rather hard to take. After explaining to two of the guards at the Emprie State Building about his encounter with the TARDIS crew, he is locked up at the Newman Rehabilitation Clinic in 1967, where he becomes a permanent resident.

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