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Moscow was a city in Russia, a human nation of Earth, and the Soviet Union, during the 20th century. It was the capital city for the various political powers that ruled Russia.

In 1907 or 1908, three women were murdered in Moscow in a similar manner to the deaths recorded previously in St Petersburg and soon to be repeated in London by Charrl invaders. (PROSE: Birthright)

The Eighth Doctor visited Moscow in 1951. (PROSE: Endgame)

During the first seconds of 1 January 2000, Moscow, along with the rest of the world, was nearly destroyed by the Eye of Harmony. (TV: Doctor Who)

Moscow was the first city to become aware of a supply shortage when the T-Mats stopped functioning. (TV: The Seeds of Death)

The Fifth Doctor visited Moscow some time in the 21st century. (AUDIO: Singularity)

The Eighth Doctor visited Moscow in 1812 and 2024. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry)

The Eighth Doctor met a girl, Dusha, living in Moscow during Napoleon's advance on the city, whom he later found was the emotional half of a Magellan who had been divided and exiled from the future to two different time zones. (PROSE: Emotional Chemistry).

Moscow was one of ten major cities across the world, all of which had underground railways, where Coldfire Construction built a reactor within a period of 18 months as part of a plot by the Slitheen to drain the Sun's energy, operated by at least one Slitheen disguised using a skin suit made from a local. At somepoint in 2008, after Sarah Jane Smith foiled the Slitheen with the help of her friends at Park Vale Comprehensive School at Ealing in London, she contacted UNIT so they would clear up the Coldfire sites. (TV: Revenge of the Slitheen)

A map showing the location of Moscow appeared on a screen a UNIT HQ in Geneva. (TV: The End of Time)

Alternate timelines Edit

In an alternative timeline in which Nazi Germany won World War II as a result of the Seventh Doctor and Ace accidentally leaving laser technology in Colditz Castle in October 1944, the Nazi scientists were able to refine uranium and create nuclear weapons. They subsequently bombed Moscow, forcing the surrender of the Soviet Union and winning the war for Germany. (AUDIO: Klein's Story)

Behind the scenes Edit

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