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Moving On (short story)

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Moving on
Main character(s): Sarah Jane Smith
Featuring: K9
Main setting: England, the 1990s
Key crew
Writer: Peter Anghelides
Release details
Part of: Decalog 3: Consequences
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Virgin Decalogs
...And Eternity in an Hour Tarnished Image

Moving On was the second story in the anthology Decalog 3: Consequences. It was written by Peter Anghelides. It featured Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark III.

Summary Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

Notes Edit

  • At the end of the story is a page entitled: (all stories of which are based on Sarah's adventures with the Doctor)

Bibliography S.J. Smith Edit

Short stories (all published in Metropolitan Magazine)

Novels (all published by Virgin Publishing, London)

Continuity Edit

  • After slowly losing functionality, K9 breaks down altogether. Sarah Jane, unable to fix him or have someone else repair him at the risk of showing them his future technology, stores the inactive unit in her attic. He remains out of commission until Sarah Jane reencounters the Doctor in a later incarnation, who attempts to repair him. (TV: School Reunion)


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