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Moloxon Swamp Viper
Biological type: Snake
Place of origin: Calysteral cluster
Appearance: The Vault of Secrets

The Moxolon Swamp Vipers were a race of poisonous snakes.

Biology Edit

The Moxolon Swamp Vipers were snakes with horns on their heads, four eyes, long sharp teeth and a tail split in two at the end. Their bite was poisonous and the poison fatal. The poison caused weakness, heightened pulse rate and increased blood pressure. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)

History Edit

The Moxolon Swamp Vipers lived on a swamp planet in the Calysteral cluster that the Judoon used as a prison. Androvax was bitten by a Moxolon Swamp Viper before escaping the planet. Before he died, he wished to free one hundred of his species that were cryogenically frozen and had crashed on Earth. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)

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