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Final gen

A causal nexus at Wenley Moor generated a near infinite number of diverging realities. (COMIC: Final Genesis)

A multiverse was a grouping of parallel universes. The omniverse was comprised of every multiverse. Esterath told the Eighth Doctor that in all his past travels across dimensional planes he had never left his own multiversal realm. Having been allowed to experience the lives as his alternate selves, the Doctor realised that together they comprised one being. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead) It was also known as reality (TV: Journey's End) and creation; (TV: The End of Time) the empty spaces between the universes was known as the Void. (TV: Army of Ghosts)

When the multiverse was young, the Sentients, the Modulars, the Clockworks, the Recursives, the Binaries and many more species were all allies. (PROSE: Elementary, My Dear Sheila) The Clockworks were responsible for maintaining the basic structure of the multiverse. (PROSE: The Blue Angel)

The Celestial Toymaker explained that he existed in the universe because all beings in the multiverse dreamed, and he shaped those dreams lest they become stale. (PROSE: Divided Loyalties)

Iris Wildthyme's TARDIS could travel through the multiverse (AUDIO: Wildthyme at Large) and the Axis was capable of allowing an individual to travel through the multiverse via portals that led to different timelines. (AUDIO: Reborn)

In the Medusa Cascade, Davros tried to destroy the multiverse using his Reality Bomb, but was stopped by the DoctorDonna. (TV: Journey's End)

In the final day of the Last Great Time War, Rassilon planned to destroy the whole of creation with the Ultimate Sanction. To escape the destruction of reality, the Time Lords would shed their corporeal bodies and become creatures of consciousness alone, ones that would escape the effects of time and of cause and effect. (TV: The End of Time)

A Cyber-Leader at Stonehenge warned that with total event collapse, "all universes will be deleted", indicating that the phenomenon threatened the whole multiverse. (TV: The Pandorica Opens)

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