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Mulwray was an employee of the Butler Institute at their New York City offices. At first he worked in the Biostock Acquisitions department, but when he was caught attempting to hack into the company's computer system, his boss, Mathew O'Hara, was impressed with him and let him in on his plan to save humanity from the collapse of Earth's environment by having copies of their minds uploaded into computers.

On his last day in Bio, his partner Lewis Christian and he shot James McIlveen and acquired his body for research. He later caught Stephanie attempting to hack into the company's computer system and took her to O'Hara, who let her in on the plan as well. Mulwray, who hadn't taken O'Hara's claims seriously, was shocked to learn that his young son Patrick O'Hara had volunteered as a test subject for the procedure. He grew increasingly distraught, and finally tried to shoot O'Hara; however, Stephanie had already alerted O'Hara about Mulwray's emotional state, and his gun's firing pin was removed as a precaution. O'Hara shot and killed him instead. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)