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Music from the Excelis Audio Adventures (soundtrack)

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Music from the Excelis Doctor Audio Adventures
Artist: David Darlington
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Release date: December 2002
Format: 1 CD
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Music from the Excelis Doctor Audio Adventures is a single CD that features soundtrack music from Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories composed by David Darlington used in the audio plays Excelis Dawns, Excelis Rising, Excelis Decays and The Plague Herds of Excelis.

Track listing Edit

01 Excelis trailer (1:39)
02 The Mountain of Adventure (6:26)
03 Dawn of the Dead... (2:36)
04 ...But The Hills Are Alive (1:20)
05 Welcome To The Jungle (2:02)
06 A Handbag (1:34)
07 Vanishing Point (1:46)
08 The Sacred Art Of Stealing (2:22)
09 Live Forever (1:42)
10 Ouija Board, Ouija Board (2:54)
11 Burn Off Into The Distance (4:40)
12 Hosanna In Excelis Deo (1:51)
13 Made of Stone (2:49)
14 There's More To This Than You Know (3:28)
15 Oppression (1:54)
16 Electric Urban Youth (3:10)
17 Lake Of Fire (3:20)
18 Propoganda (2:30)
19 Time to Die (2:12)
20 Two Hearts Under the Skyscrapers (3:35)
21 Let the Nuclear Wind Blow Away Our Sins (0:58)
22 Panic On The Streets (2:54)
23 I'm Under A Cow (1:21)
24 Two Tortured Souls (3:19)
25 When the Screams Subside (3:43)
26 Something Savage and Pure (1:05)
27 But Now the Weakness Comes (2:19)
28 The Secret (2:03)
29 Slight Return (1:19)

Notes Edit

  • The total run time for the album is 72 minutes and 51 seconds.

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