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Music from the Seventh Doctor Audio Adventures (soundtrack)

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Music from the Seventh Doctor Audio Adventures
Artist: Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore, Russell Stone, Jane Elphinstone
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Release date: April 2003
Format: 1 CD
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Music from the Seventh Doctor Audio Adventures is a single CD that features soundtrack music from Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories composed by Andy Hardwick, Jim Mortimore and Russell Stone used in the audio plays, respectively, Dust Breeding, The Rapture and Bang-Bang-a-Boom!.

Track listing Edit

01 Dust Breeding trailer (1:35)
02 The Sadness That We See In Him (2:52)
03 Damien Unhinged / Mr. Seta Unmasked (5:43)
04 Like A Tiger, It Toyed With Me (1:52)
05 The Dust Belongs To Me! / No Oil Painting (4:42)
06 Always Knew I'd Die On Duchamp (4:12)
07 The Future Has Already Happened (1:09)
08 The Rapture trailer (0:52)
09 Maggie's Music (1:47)
10 Triangle Chill (4:04)
11 Freestyle (2:50)
12 Brook Of Eden (4:03)
13 Rebirth (1:41)
14 Sorted (2:07)
15 Jude's Law (2:56)
16 Pink Pulloff (1:47)
17 Crystal Devildance (1:08)
18 Gloves Off (with Jane Elphinstone) (1:29)
19 Bang-Bang-a-Boom! trailer (1:57)
20 Welcome To Dark Space 8 (1:22)
21 The Trouble With Dark Space 8 (1:58)
22 I'm Just Not Like The Other Boys! (The Pits Of Angvia) (1:20)
23 Dead Drunk (The Death Of A Scientist) (3:02)
24 This Is The Denouement (Oh No, Sorry, It Isn't) (2:30)
25 That Peace Conference (2:50)
26 When Gholos Attacks (0:45)
27 That Space Battle (1:04)
28 Galactivision (3:33)

Notes Edit

  • The total run time for the album is 68 minutes and 31 seconds.

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