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My Own Private Wolfgang was a 2007 Big Finish Productions full-cast audio short story, featuring the Sixth Doctor and Dr Evelyn Smythe. It was part of 100, the one hundredth monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions.

It had a notably innovative structure for a pseudo-historical story. The story began with a difference between how the audience and the TARDIS crew viewed historical events. It ended with the Doctor unwittingly changing history into a shape the audience recognises. In the beginning, the Doctor and Evelyn accept an exceptionally long-lived Mozart as being the norm for their time stream, but they change history so that Mozart died a young man in 1791.

Publisher's summary Edit

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born in 1756, a veritable wonderkind — playing music for the crowned heads of Europe as an infant, composing by the time he was five years old. But it's tempting to wonder whether his amazing longevity has overshadowed his creative genius — would Mozart's music be better respected, maybe, if he'd died as a young man? Would he be a legend of music, rather than of scientific curiosity, if he'd never lived to compose the film score for the remake of The Italian Job?

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