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The Mykuootni were a hyper-advanced race of insects who invaded and swarmed across planets.

Biology Edit

They fed on energy released by nuclear fission. Their bodies converted it into fire power that emanated from their eyes. As a primary means of attack, their claws could dispense a strong electrical charge. While these creatures could make themselves invisible, they were unable to disguise the loud, buzzing sound that they emitted — although this sound wasn't always of a pitch audible to humans except at close range. (COMIC: Power of the Mykuootni)

History Edit

The Eleventh Doctor encountered the Mykuootni at Skelsdale Power Station and was said to know of them. He defeated them with nuclear fusion energy, which made them sick and forced them to retreat. (COMIC: Power of the Mykuootni)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Mykuootni were a creature designed by fourteen-year-old competition winner Jack Shepherd from Rotheram. The prize for the design was to have the alien featured in the Doctor Who Adventures comic strip adventures and to have the creature built as a model to be displayed at the Doctor Who Experience in London.

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