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National Television Awards Sketch 2011

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National Television Awards Sketch 2011
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Dermot O'Leary
Key crew
Release details
Premiere broadcast: 26 January 2011
Format: 1x 4 minute episode (broadcast alongside the National Television Awards)
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Plot Edit

Dermot O'Leary wakes up late for the National Television Awards. The Doctor tries to take him there, but keeps ending up in the wrong place, meeting many famous people in places such as Walford, Weatherfield and the BBC Television Centre in 2111.

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Story notes Edit

  • American TV actor David Hasselhoff, who appears in his capacity as a judge on The X-Factor, is best known for his roles in the cult series Knight Rider and Baywatch; at the height of the popularity of Baywatch in the early 1990s, Hasselhoff was one of numerous actors reported in the media as being considered for the role of the Doctor in a proposed, but never-produced film.

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