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Reverend Neil McVicar was the minister of St Cuthbert's Church, Edinburgh before his death in 1741. He was succeeded by Gordon Yarwood. He was described by some during Yarwood's time as the best minister the church has ever had. Reverend Yarwood described him as a brave man who wasn't afraid of pushing himself forward if he knew he was right.

However, he was unpopular with some. A story told of a man who threatened he would have gladly thrashed McVicar, if not for his minister's coat. McVicar threw his coat on the ground and shouted, "There lies the Minister of the West Kirk and here stands Neil McVicar and by Yea and Nay, sir, come on!" The man didn't wait to see if he meant it.

Twelve years after his death, in 1759, the minister's body broke out of his grave in the Church Yard, given life by one of Kith's living hands, and walked back into the church. The Tenth Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to disconnect the hand from McVicar's body, and the body fell to the floor. (PROSE: The Many Hands)

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