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Gorton discusses his work on David Tennant in TV: The Family of Blood.

Neill Gorton (born 6 September 1969) is Chief Executive and founder of Millennium FX, who provide the special make-up and prosthetic effects for the new Doctor Who series and for the spinoffs The Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.

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He has written about his work for the series in the following issues of the magazine "Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller":

  • Volume 2:
    • "Age of Steel" describes the creation of the 2006 Cybermen.
  • Volume 4:
    • "The Replica Quandary!" decribes the creation of Cyberman replicas for the collectors' market.
    • "Torchwood - the Making of the Weevils"
  • Volume 6:
    • "Creating the Empress of Racnoss
  • Volume 7:
    • "Creating Season Three Creatures - Part One"
  • Volume 8:
    • "Creating Season Three Creatures - Part Two"
  • Volume 12:
    • "Creating Season Four Creatures"
    • "Torchwood's Series Two Creatures"

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