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Place of origin: Nekkistan
Appearances: AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element
AUDIO: Square One
AUDIO: Imperiatrix

The Nekkistani were a time-active species who had dealings with the Time Lords. They belonged to the Temporal Powers.

Biology Edit

The Nekkistani were described as being a slug-like race. (AUDIO: Square One)

History Edit

The Nekkistani were a war-like race who, upon the discovery of time travel, became peaceful. (AUDIO: The Time Museum)

The Nekkistani were seen as a credible threat to the Braxiatel Collection. (PROSE: Parallel Lives)

The Nekkistani joined the Temporal Powers alliance along with the other time-active factions, due to the events on planet Archetryx. (AUDIO: The Apocalypse Element)

The Nekkistani were allies of the Monan Host. (AUDIO: Enemy Lines)

The Nekkistani rescued Davros from the time vortex and brought him aboard their ship. Davros killed all the crew of the ship. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

The Nekkistani managed to learn about an incident in the history of the Monan Host. (AUDIO: Square One)

A Nekkistani once sold Robert Knox a type 70 TARDIS. (AUDIO: Medicinal Purposes)

Culture Edit

The Nekkistani were led by an Emperor. (AUDIO: Imperiatrix)

Technology Edit

Ian Chesterton once saw the first Nekkistani vessel to breach the time barrier. (AUDIO: The Time Museum)

A Nekkistani time cruiser was acquired by Davros, who used it as bait for the Eighth Doctor in the time vortex. (AUDIO: Terror Firma)

The Agent once owned a Nekkistani time capsule. (AUDIO: Her Final Flight)


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