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Netflix was a distributor of films in the 21st century.

Bill Potts watched something on Netflix about lizards in people's brains, controlling them, and related this to what she was seeing with Heather. The Twelfth Doctor ridiculed Bill for coming to this conclusion first, of all things. (TV: The Pilot)

Bill and Shireen once watched a submarine movie on Netflix at Shireen's flat. (PROSE: Diamond Dogs)

Behind the scenes Edit

Netflix logo

Netflix is an American media company which provides worldwide subscribers with movies and television programmes, either through internet streaming, or, in the US only, DVDs sent via mail.

Due to issues with licensing and distribution rights, the content provided varies between countries, although almost all episodes of the BBC Wales-produced revival of Doctor Who have been available in certain areas at some point. Torchwood and parts of The Sarah Jane Adventures have also been available on Netflix at various times and places.

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