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Type: Planet
Location: Cassiopeia
Appearance: Nevermore
Nevermore, previously called Corinth Minor, was located in Cassiopeia, which contained volcanoes that showered semi-precious gemstones instead of lava. It became a playground for the rich and famous including General Verdagast. The general was involved in what the Doctor described as a "particularly nasty factional war" against one of the rival Cassiopeian colonies. His rival, General Morella Wendigo, detonated a biological weapon in Corinth Minor's troposphere. Faced with the outbreak of a previously unknown flesh-eating plague, the Galactic Authority sought the help of the Time Lords. The Time Lords passed the planet through a belt of ultraviolet radiation, killing almost the entire population of the planet through the Red Death. The authorities renamed it "Nevermore" as a reminder of the folly of war. Wendigo was sentenced by a war crimes tribunal to a lifetime of exile to Nevermore so that she could contemplate her crimes. (AUDIO: Nevermore)

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