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New Rarga was a prison planet where wompom was harvested.

Astronomical data Edit

New Rarga was tidally locked, though this occurred recently enough that by the 26th century there was still a biosphere. The northern oceans had tornadoes, while the southern ocean had ice storms, leaving the whole planet nearly uninhabitable. Along the equator were islands where wompom could be found. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

History Edit

New Rarga was discovered by humans, as was the wompom on the planet. They set up a prison to harvest the wompom and did so for three generations.

In 2594, Vo'lach agents came to the planet and sold weapons to the descendents of the prisoners, inciting a civil war. Several factions fought for control, though none were successful for long. The current administrator of the planet, Sanok Vawn, tried to use more Vo'lach weaponry to stop the rebellion. At this point, the Vo'lach Wonder Lubricant reprogrammed the weapons, causing them to help everyone instead. When news got out about this, Morry sent a Ninjucoid to the planet to investigate and eventually try to learn the whereabouts of the Vo'ach. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

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