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This topic might have a better name.

Wouldn't it be more conventional for this to be called Newscaster 2 (Frontier in Space) or Newscaster 2 (Doctor Who and the Space War), considering that he doesn't actually appear in the TV story?

Talk about it here.

A newscaster from Earth once introduced a report about Congressman Brook and his populist anti-Draconian sentiments. (PROSE: Doctor Who and the Space War)

Behind the scenes Edit

Though the character was cast for episode six of Frontier in Space, director Paul Bernard made a last-minute decision to use only the footage involving Congressman Brook. Thus the part gets a mention in the novelisation, as well as a credit on-screen and in Radio Times, but makes no actual appearance in televised Doctor Who. (BBC DVD [statement unclear] : Frontier in Space) The novelisation makes no distinction, incidentally, between this newscaster and the one used in part one. It is possible, therefore, to believe that this character doesn't exist at all in any form of Doctor Who.

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