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Nicholas Briggs
Nicholas Briggs
In the DWU
Main roles: Dalek, Cyberman, Judoon and Ice Warrior voices
Main jobs: Actor, voice actor, audio director, writer
Stories: See section
Main time period active:
1999-present (audio)
2005-present (television)
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Nicholas Briggs, sometimes credited under the pseudonyms David Sax or Arthur Wallis, wrote, directed and performed in various media. Most of all, he participated in many ways in the production of Big Finish audio stories as well as writing and performing in licenced spin-off videos for BBV Productions. In the revived series of Doctor Who as well as Big Finish Doctor Who, he voices the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and a variety of one-time aliens.

Briggs has the distinction of being the only actor to have regular roles in the revived TV series for the BBC and Big Finish Productions (guest stars from the revival have appeared in the audios, but none of the other regulars appear in both, including Elisabeth Sladen who ended her Big Finish Sarah Jane Smith series when she began reprising the role on TV).

He also took part in The Weakest Link: Doctor Who Special but was voted out early on.

Career Edit

1980s and 1990s Edit

Briggs was one of several actors/writers/directors (Mark Gatiss and Gary Russell among them) who cut their teeth on fan-made Doctor Who-related/inspired productions and who later got to work on the official series. As well as under his own name, Briggs has also written for video and audio under the pen-names Arthur Wallis and Martin Peterson.

Prior to his work on the revived TV series, Briggs played an active role in Doctor Who fandom since the 1980s. He portrayed a future incarnation of the Doctor in a series of unofficial audio dramas by Audio Visuals, the forerunner of Big Finish Productions. He also worked with Reeltime Pictures, hosting Myth Makers, a long-running series of made-for-video interview documentaries featuring cast and crew of Doctor Who. He also played the title role in Myth Runner, a parody of Blade Runner built around bloopers from the Myth Makers series.

His writing included productions such as Auton 2: Sentinel for BBV Productions and two entries in The Stranger series, one of which, In Memory Alone, co-starred him with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. He also wrote independent science fiction-dramas such as The Airzone Solution, also produced by BBV Productions which starred all of the actors who had played the Doctor, with the exception of Tom Baker.

2000s Edit

Briggs is the executive producer of the Big Finish audio dramas line. Among his notable works for Big Finish has been writing and directing the Dalek Empire series of audio dramas.

Since the return of Doctor Who in 2005, Briggs has been the "go to guy" for voices for various alien races. Besides the Daleks and Cybermen, Briggs has also given voice to the Nestene Consciousness and the Judoon, also providing the voice of the latter for an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

In 2009, Briggs made his on-screen debut in a BBC Doctor Who franchise production when he appeared as Rick Yates in Torchwood Children of Earth: Day Four, also his first work for the Torchwood spinoff.

2010s Edit

Besides reprising the Cybermen and Daleks for series 5, his voice can be heard as the narrator of the National Museum video Amy Pond watches in The Big Bang.

In the 2010 stage play The Monsters Are Coming!, Briggs portrayed Winston Churchill, as well as voicing the Daleks, Cybermen and Judoon.

As of 2011, Briggs became the host of the BBC Radio 4 Extra radio anthology series 7th Dimension, which has broadcast a number of Doctor Who audio dramas over the past few years.

In 2013, he played Peter Hawkins in the docu-drama An Adventure in Space and Time; Hawkins, like Briggs, provided Dalek voices for Doctor Who. The film was written by his longtime colleague, Mark Gatiss.

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