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Nicholas II was the Tsar of Russia of the Romanov dynasty in 1903. (AUDIO: The Wanderer) He was the last Tsar of Russia, having been killed with his whole family in 1917. (PROSE: The Clockwise Man)

He was a descendant of Tsar Nicholas I. (AUDIO: The Angel of Scutari)

According to one account, he established the institution later known as the KVI after the Tunguska Event in order to combat alien threats. (PROSE: Trace Memory) However, according to another account, it was set up in the late 19th century by his predecessor Alexander. (AUDIO: The Torchwood Archive)

Nicholas and his wife Alexandra were under the influence of Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin, known as the "Mad Monk". (PROSE: The Wages of Sin)

In 1917, the October Revolution took place in which Nicholas was overthrown and killed. (PROSE: The Wages of Sin)

Behind the scenes Edit

He was played by Hugh Burden in Ten Days That Shook the World, Michael Jayston in Nicholas and Alexandra, Ian McKellen in Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny and Ian Beattie in 37 Days.

He succeeded his father, Alexander III.