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Nicholas Pegg

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Nicholas Pegg
In the DWU
Main roles: Dalek operator
Main jobs: Actor, Director, Writer
Stories: see credits section
Main time period active: 1999-present
Career highlights
Notable non-DWU work: Doc Martin, David Bowie: Five Years (Consultant)
IMDb profile
Twitter page

[[File:|thumb|right|Pegg as he appeared on CON: "War Games".]] Nicholas Pegg is an actor, director and writer. He is perhaps most prominent to casual Doctor Who fans as a frequent interviewee on Doctor Who Confidential, where he explains the difficulties of being a lead Dalek operator. To more knowledgeable fans, however, he is more prominent — like fellow Dalek operator, Barnaby Edwards — as an influential member of the Big Finish Productions team.

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Appeared in all stories as a Dalek Operator.

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