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Nigel was the leader of a gang.

Nigel allowed David Fisher into the gang, and picked on him the most since he was the newest member. When the boys ran out of cigarettes, Nigel bullied David into getting more from Mr Golieweski's newsagent shop.

Nigel decided the gang would vandalise a mausoleum, and once again, bullied David into entering first. When the boys were in the mausoleum, they heard a noise, and all of them ran away except for David.

Once again out of cigarettes that night, Nigel told David to steal some from Mr Golly's shop, which Nigel thought was closed. Instead, an alien had taken Mr Golly's body, and after fighting the Seventh Doctor, Ace and David, was destroyed by its people. When the shop was destroyed, Nigel and the other boys ran away, with Nigel screaming. (PROSE: Monsters)