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Nikki Bevan was a woman who lived in Penarth in 2009 and was the mother of Jonah Bevan. She gave birth to him on 15 February 1993.

Nikki was devastated when Jonah disappeared, actually transported by the rift. When she contacted the police, she was befriended by Andy Davidson. She also began looking through VHS tapes of crowds since the disappearance to try and find Jonah. Eventually, Andy contacted Gwen Cooper, who helped Nikki by taking a more paranormal approach. Nikki also set up a self-help group called Searchlight for families of lost people, to great success. Gwen found Jonah. He was in a secret hospital for those who had been taken by the rift and then returned, aged and deformed. She told Nikki, who went to see her son. At first, she denied that he was Jonah, but came to realise he was her son. The two had a heart-felt reunion, before Jonah began his awful howling as a result of experiences off-world. Nikki was devastated and blamed Gwen, then gave up and threw out all of Jonah's belongings. (TV: Adrift)

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