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Ninani was the fourteen-year-old daughter of King Agga of Kish. She hated Ishtar for taking over the city, and decided to do what she could to get rid of her in 2700 BC. She had her maid Puabi summon En-Gula from the temple, who told her of the strange goings-on she had witnessed there, and agreed to help her defeat the goddess. En-Gula later returned to Ninani with the Seventh Doctor and Enkidu, and the princess freed them when her father had them imprisoned in the dungeons. Ishtar enslaved Ninani's mind, but was freed when Utnapishtim's computer virus defeated Ishtar. Ninani was later forced to marry Gilgamesh when Agga made an alliance with him. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Genesys)

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