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Nineteen Eighty-four was a book by George Orwell. (PROSE: The Eleventh Tiger) In 1969, Justin, having read the novel, knew what the Tenth Doctor was talking about when the Doctor insinuated what might happen afterwards, if a country using the alien species' gifts could rule the world and be able to destroy cities, when "there are no more people to conquer". (PROSE: Blue Moon) Upon arriving at InterCom's Studio City, resembling a giant theme park with towering skyscrapers and a ninety-foot-high representation of the company logo, Mark Barrington could not help but think of Nineteen Eighty-four. (PROSE: The King of Terror)

The Sixth Doctor, upon arriving in the year, claimed that 1984 was "never as good as the book." (AUDIO: The Reaping) He had acquired a first edition of the book from a classified ad. (PROSE: Business Unusual)

Behind the scenes Edit

The novel The Winning Side shows the universe of Nineteen Eighty-four being an alternate timeline in the Doctor Who universe.

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