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The Ninth Doctor comic stories were perhaps most notable for two things: the brevity of their run and the involvement of Rose Tyler. No other Doctor had a run quite so brief as the Ninth and none used exclusively his televised companion. In fact, Eccleston's Doctor was the first since Pertwee to debut in comics with a televised companion. This latter point was quite significant. No Doctor since the Third took his bow in The Arkwood Experiments had started his comic run with his televised companions intact. Indeed, at the time The Love Invasion was published in Doctor Who Magazine, Arkwood was the only other time it had ever happened in Doctor Who comics history.

The Ninth Doctor's Doctor Who Magazine run was the only one ever completely drawn by a single penciller — Mike Collins — though other eras were nearly drawn by a single artist.

All told, the Ninth Doctor's run as the incumbent Doctor was just ten DWM issues long, plus a single story in an annual, making him by far the shortest-lived Doctor in comics.

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Travelling with Rose Tyler

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Travelling with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness
Travelling with Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, and Tara Mishra
Travelling with Rose Tyler and Tara Mishra

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