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No Future (novel)

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No Future
NA023 nofuture
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Bernice Summerfield
Main enemy: Mortimus
The Vardans
Main setting: London, Glastonbury and Varda, 1976
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Paul Cornell
Release details
Release number: 23
Release date: 17 February 1994
Format: Paperback Book; 23 Chapters, 272 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20409-3
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Virgin New Adventures
Conundrum Tragedy Day
DWM's "New Adventures order"
Conundrum Tragedy Day

No Future is the twenty-third novel in the Virgin New Adventures series and was written by Paul Cornell. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice. This was the final novel in the story arc of alternate universes. It also featured a return to the 1970s "UNIT era" with UNIT, the Brigadier, Benton and Yates.

Publisher's summary Edit

This time, anarchy's real. There are power cuts and Wilson's resignation, a great upheaval of unease. But now there's real fear too. Real panic. And that's not how it's supposed to be.

Somebody has been toying with the Seventh Doctor's past, testing him, threatening him, leading him on a chase that has brought the TARDIS to London in 1976 -- where reality has been altered once again.

Black Star terrorists foment riots in the streets. The Queen barely escapes assassination. A fearful tension is rising. Something is going to happen. Something bad.

Meanwhile, Benny's the lead singer in a punk band. Ace can't talk to her or the Doctor without an argument starting, so she's made murderous plans of her own. The Doctor's alone -- he doesn't know who his enemy is, and even the Brigadier has disowned him.

As usual, it's up to the Doctor to protect the world. And he can't even protect himself.

Chapter Titles Edit

  • Prologue
  1. England's Dreaming
  2. Wild Horses (Slight Return)
  3. Transubstantiation Baby
  4. The Valiant Trooper
  5. God Save the Queen
  6. Another Girl, Another Planet
  7. Passengers
  8. Complete Control
  9. Intertextuality
  10. Cliffhanger Deconstruction Season -- Ah!
  11. Finally Facing My Waterloo
  12. Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
  13. Vicious Circle
  14. Wish You Were Here
  15. Never Mind the Moroks
  16. The Library in the Body
  17. Going Underground
  18. The Revolution Will Be Televised
  19. BBC Blitz
  20. Broken Heart
  21. Pure Soap Opera, I May Cry
  • Epilogue: The Future

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

Books Edit

Culture Edit

  • The Doctor first heard Benny's voice at a party in Finchley.
  • Black Star is a group of anarchists. It developed from the "Angry Brigade". It was created through Mortimus's time interference.
  • Professor X is a television series that is broadcast between Bruce Forsyth and Basil Brush. Professor X travels in a "TASID" which is disguised as a post box. According to Benny, it was "like a pantomime version of the TARDIS!"

The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor erases the Brigadier's memory just by touching him.
  • The Doctor mentions having killed the Master.

Individuals Edit

  • Bernice calls the Brigadier "Sir", despite hating being brought up in the military.
  • Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart dies but is brought back by a "wish" granted by the Chronovore Artemis.
  • Mike Yates believes in Black Star's goals and has doubts about renewing his UNIT status.
  • Yates also knows of Hamlet Macbeth.
  • Ace uses the psudonym "Dorothy Moose".

Music Edit

  • Bernice is the lead vocalist in Plasticine. She also writes some of the music.

Planets Edit

  • Ace was once marooned on an ice planet.

Politics Edit

Species Edit

Religion Edit

  • Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart is into Buddhism. He was introduced to the Eight Fold Path by the Doctor. He uses his meditation techniques to combat the Vardan mind control.


  • Danny Pain saves the world by throwing a piece of the Monk's TARDIS (disguised as a desk and the papers inside) out of the window and signing a piece he then gives the Doctor.
  • The Doctor disguises the TARDIS as Nelson's Column by materialising around the actual monument.
  • The Doctor deliberately breaks the chameleon circuit on the TARDIS, fixing it into the shape of a police box.

Technology Edit

  • Mortimus uses the alias Robert Bertram to run Priory a record company and also other related companies and invents CDs a decade early.
  • Mortimus supplies UNIT with virtual reality technology and is appointed scientific advisor.
  • Ace creates Vengeance of the Vardans as a message for the Doctor and her past self.

Theories and concepts Edit

  • Death and Time are referred to as Eternals.
  • During a dream Death tells Ace all Eternals have a champion.
  • Mortimus has taken on the mantle of Death's champion.
  • The Doctor's future self broke the First Law of Time by leaving himself messages.

Time Lords Edit

  • Mortimus thinks he gains Ace as an ally.

United Nations Intelligence Taskforce Edit

Notes Edit

  • This is the final story in Alternate Universe arc.
  • PROSE: Blood Heat, The Dimension Riders, The Left-Handed Hummingbird and Conundrum are the previous novels in the Alternate Universe Arc.
  • This novel is the last one to feature the TARDIS (taken from the alternate Earth in Blood Heat) with a functioning chameleon circuit. Near the end of the novel, the Doctor smashes it with a hammer.
  • This novel had a working title of Anarchy in the UK.[1]
  • The title is a reference to the Sex Pistols' song "God Save the Queen".

Continuity Edit

Footnotes Edit

  1. DWM 252 (Licence to Kill p.30)

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