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Nottingham was a city in England.

In the 12th century, it was led by a Sheriff and it hosted a fair. The Doctor visited Nottingham, where he met the famous Robin Hood and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham: according to one account, it was the First Doctor with Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton, and Barbara Wright; (PROSE: The Thief of Sherwood) according to another account, the Twelfth Doctor with Clara Oswald. (TV: Robot of Sherwood) Iris Wildthyme also encountered Robin Hood in Nottingham. (AUDIO: Wildthyme at Large)

John Smith, in 1913, claimed to be from Nottingham, unaware that this was part of his fictional biography created for him by the Tenth Doctor. (TV: Human Nature)

In the 1960s, Ram Vermas, his wife and Haresh Chandra's parents moved from India to England. They settled in Nottingham. From there their families had spread across the country. (PROSE: Day of the Clown)

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