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The Octopus Rock was an advanced deep-sea submarine owned by UNIT. It was named after a song by the Sex Pistols.

Features Edit

The Octopus Rock was large for a deep-sea submarine, with enough room for four people. It had omnidirectional propulsion, advanced navigational equipment and a wet dock. It was electrically powered, with a main and secondary battery. It would automatically return to the surface when the air ran out. The hull was made of seven inches of steel, allowing it to go eleven kilometres deep. It also carried diving suits made of dwarf star alloy, allowing them to travel at the bottom of the ocean. (AUDIO: Submission)

History Edit

The Octopus Rock was built for deep-sea investigation. In 2009, an unidentified sound was heard from the Mariana Trench. Torchwood Three and Carlie Roberts convinced UNIT to allow them to investigate in the Octopus Rock. Once there, they were attacked by Sam Doyle, who was infected with an alien parasite, giving him increased strength. The Octopus Rock was badly damaged and crashed. The team escaped in Guernica, the submarine Sam Doyle had travelled in. (AUDIO: Submission)

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