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Officia was the member of the colony controlled by the Macra in charge of the pits. He met the Second Doctor, Polly and Jamie when they were brought to the pit head by Ola for assignment to the danger gang and summoned Medok, their shift leader. He agreed with Medok's assertion that the Doctor stay behind to act as supervisor.

He accompanied the group into the pit and inspected the screw used to seal a gas strike, dislodging it and inhaling enough gas to knock him unconscious. He was taken back to the pit head by Ben, where he discovered his keys, which had been taken by Jamie, were missing. He raised the alarm and recommended sending guards into the old shaft to search for him but was denied permission by Control and accepted the command despite the fact he would be punished if Jamie wasn't caught.

On Control's instructions, he diverted the gas into the old shaft, unaware it was intended to revive the Macra there. The Doctor tricked him into telling him which pipes were which and reversed the flow. Officia called for help but the Doctor managed to lock Ola and the guards out of the pit head long enough for him and Polly to escape. After the guards had regained control, Officia had the gas flow restored. (TV: The Macra Terror)