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"Ogron planet" is a title based upon conjecture.

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The Ogron planet, called Braah by its inhabitants and Orestes by the Earth Empire, was a barren planet. It was the homeworld of the Ogrons and used as a base by the Master.

Astronomical data Edit

The Ogron planet had high gravity and was located on the outer extremity of the Mutter's Spiral (PROSE: The Romance of Crime) at galactic coordinates 0110011 by C2 (PROSE: Interference - Book One) or at 2349 to 6784. (TV: Frontier in Space) It was actually a moon of the gas giant Clytemnestra along with Aegisthus, Electra, and Iphigenia. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin)

It was a rocky world, with little in the way of valuable minerals and very little vegetation. Native creatures include the Ogrons and their predator (TV: Frontier in Space) which may have been their "canyon gods." There was a lack of food on the planet, and the atmosphere contained more hydrogen than Earth's. (PROSE: Mission: Impractical)

History Edit

It is believed that in the distant past there had been a series of rapid, drastic changes in climate, leading to the odd combination of primate and carnivore traits in the Ogrons. (PROSE: The Romance of Crime, PROSE: Mission: Impractical)

The Ogron planet was first discovered by outside intelligences in 1855 by the Human calendar. (PROSE: Interference - Book One)

In 2540, the Master used the Ogron planet as a base for his attempts to create unrest between the Draconian empire and the Earth Empire. When Third Doctor got involved, the Ogrons kidnapped Jo Grant and brought her back to their planet. She was allowed to escape and use the communication devices, which the Master used as a trap to lure in the Doctor. When the combined human/Draconian forces came to the planet, they were attacked by the Ogrons, until they were scared off by an Ogron eater. The forces were then captured by the arriving Daleks. They were eventually able to escape, planning to return with a proper army. (TV: Frontier in Space)

The Ogrons were first taken off their homeworld by the Daleks and served them out of fear; as a result, the Earth and Draconian Empires spared them and eventually employed them. (PROSE: Mission: Impractical) C. 2976 the planet had been colonised by the Earth Empire and a war ensued being the Empire and the Ogrons. (PROSE: So Vile a Sin)