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The Olabrians were a species fanatically devoted to their Olabrian joy-luck crystals.

The Olabrians were known for their peace and tranquillity, which they developed from studying the crystals found on their home world's moon. They were obsessed with protecting these crystals and would become extremely dangerous if they were in any danger. They had sunk most of their economy into creating a fleet of ships to protect these crystals.

Circa 500 BCE, a Thraal ship accidentally landed on a garden of these joy-luck crystals. This sparked off a century long war, during which the Thraals and their home planet were destroyed.

In 2593, Marcus Krytell had obtained an Olabrian joy-luck crystal and was attempting to negotiate with the Olabrian government to get it back. When it was stolen by the Cat's Paw, he sent Bernice Summerfield to go and get it. The crystal was destroyed during the course of the adventure, and when the Olabrian government learned of this they killed Marcus Krytell. (PROSE: Ship of Fools)

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