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Old Soldiers (BBV audio story)

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Old Soldiers
Old Soldiers
Main character(s): Brak, Alice Wells
Key crew
Publisher: BBV Productions
Writer: Simon Gerard and Colin Hill
Director: Bill Baggs
Producer: Bill Baggs
Release details
Release number: 2
Release date: February 2000
Format: 1 CD
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Silent Warrior Conduct Unbecoming

Old Soldiers was the second audio in the Sontarans series.

Publisher's summary Edit

For more than eighty years, the British Government has kept something hidden: no longer.

With a Weapons Crisis Committee standing in Geneva, Captain Alice Wells of UNIT is tasked with investigating the mysterious deaths of allied and UN troops. When her investigation leads her to an ultra-secure safe-house in England, she finds what it was that the government thought too dangerous to be made public... a Sontaran!

Faced with a creature that believes only in the purity of war, Wells must force the Sontaran to reveal its part in one of the darkest and most terrible episodes in human conflict.

She must also avoid getting herself killed.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Crew Edit

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References Edit

Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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