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Olive Hawthorne was a white witch who lived in Devil's End.

She spent weeks warning Professor Horner not to dig at the Devil's Hump tomb on Beltane, believing "the Prince himself is nigh". She was taken by the verger Garvin after failing to be hypnotised by the Master and was tied up and put inside a chest in the village church. Sergeant Benton freed her, and they hid in the cavern beneath the church. Benton was rendered unconscious by a forcefield in the cavern, and Miss Hawthorne carried him to The Cloven Hoof pub when the Dæmon Azal killed Garvin. She saved Benton from an attacking Morris dancer by hitting him over the head with her reticule. Miss Hawthorne and Benton helped stop the villagers from burning the Doctor when they tricked them into believing he was a mighty wizard. (TV: The Dæmons)