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You may be looking for Mark Oliver or Mark B. Oliver.

Oliver Marks was a veteran of the First World War.

Oliver was engaged to Daisy Conlan. Daisy was killed by a Tahnn group searching for the Weave. When they killed her, Oliver was caught in the blast and one of his hands was incinerated. The Tahnn left him alive as a beacon for other troops. He was taken in by the Weave/Tahnn hybrid posing as Nathaniel Porter; he took him to live at the Manse.

When the Eleventh Doctor came to stay at the manor, Oliver told him that he could sense the Tahnn coming back to Earth.

When the Glamour was freed from the Weave ship it took Oliver as a host. Oliver used it to create a reality in which he and Daisy were wed with children. The Glamour left him and the illusion disappeared. He realised it was a mistake to create something that wasn't truly real.

He chose to leave Earth in the Weave ship to make up for lost members of the crew. (PROSE: The Glamour Chase)