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Cardinal Ollistra was a high ranking Time Lord involved in the Time War

Biography Edit

During the Last Great Time War, Ollistra was present when a Gallifreyan reported the destruction of the Dalek fleet and the death of the Doctor. Horrified, Olistra laments Time Lord soldiers Bennus and Arverton when they allow the War Doctor to activate the Dalek Time Destructor instead of them, a blast no Time Lord can survive. Ollistra attends the Doctor's funeral, sceptical of his demise. With her strong belief that the Doctor was still alive, she sent Veklin to search for him. After gaining control of the Eye of Harmony of the Doctor's TARDIS, Ollistra pulled the Doctor from Keska when he refused to go home. (AUDIO: The Innocent)

She later built a team, consisting of the War Doctor, Veklin, Bennus and Arverton, to rescue Seratrix, a Time Lord strategist, in the "Null Zone". (AUDIO: The Thousand Worlds) It was later revealed that the scheme underneath the mission was to purge the idea of Seratrix to make peace with the Dalek. The reason why she sent the "rescue team" was because she believed that the Doctor, Bennus, and Arverton were followers of the belief of Seratrix so they should be killed together with him.

After the War Doctor stopped the plan of the Daleks to explode the thousand planets, Ollistra came and revealed her plan to the Doctor. After that, she brought the Doctor to the future of Keska to show how the planet recuperated from the invasion of the Daleks. (AUDIO: The Heart of the Battle)

Ollistra caught up with the Doctor after he used the Annihilator to erase the Technomancers, placing him under arrest as a war criminal. (AUDIO: Legion of the Lost)

She was looking for the Doctor in order for him to understand the whether they should use the anima device. She then decided to take on a mission to Asteroid Theta 12 to discover the secrets that they were the war council was hearing. She was reluctant to save Jarad. She discovered the research that the Daleks were doing. The Doctor got her to use the anima device in order to destroy the Dalek fleet. The Doctor left her behind on the Asteroid. (AUDIO: A Thing of Guile)

Ollistra followed the Doctor to the Neverwhen as his TARDIS was used to travelling to strange places. She was interested in the results of the weapon that created the Neverwhen, especially because it resurrected Time Lords. The Doctor later used it to create a state of peace where both Daleks and Time Lords were farmers. Ollistra planned to use it along with the Neverwhen to destroy Skaro. (AUDIO: The Neverwhen)

Personality Edit

Ollistra was a heartless politician, so much so that Bennus and Arverton joked over the existence of Ollistra's emotions, and was also deeply patriotic, allowing Gallifreyans to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. She displayed a discontent with the Gallifreyan armed forces, telling two soldiers "The Doctor is worth a hundred of you... people!". (AUDIO: The Innocent)

Relationship with the War Doctor Edit

Although Ollistra respected the Doctor's efforts for Gallifrey, she also appeared to despise him, describing him as "a thorn in [the Time Lords'] side" and "An embarrassment for most of his lives." When he was presumed dead, Ollistra confessed that she felt the universe "a far more dangerous place without [him]", displaying that she had some level of recognition for his pursuits and actions. (AUDIO: The Innocent)

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