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The Tenth Doctor carrying the Olympic Torch. (TV: Fear Her)

The Olympic Torch was a traditional part of the Olympic Games. In the 2012 Olympics, an athlete bearing the torch was chased by a Weeping Angel into the Doctor's TARDIS. The Eleventh Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to make the torch expand and consume the Weeping Angel. (TV: Good as Gold)

Also during the 2012 Olympics, Rose Tyler used the torch as a power source for an Isolus pod, as it was both a heat source and a "beacon of love". As the torch-bearer was unable to continue upon reaching the stadium, the Tenth Doctor used the torch to light the Olympic Flame. (TV: Fear Her)

Behind the Scenes Edit

Matt Smith carried the Olympic Torch from the historic Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay to the National Assembly building, as part of the torch's tour around the United Kingdom, ahead of the 2012 London Games.[1]

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