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Omegon was a planet colonised by humans. It was far removed from the front lines of the Dalek wars. Despite its reserves of the precious mineral Zaphgren, it was not considered strategically important. However, Omegon was invaded by the Daleks once. The ADF team of Joel Shaw, Mark Seven and Reb Shavron were dispatched to assess the situation, and it quickly became evident that the reason was revenge. The Daleks destroyed the planet's lone town solely because they wanted to draw the ADF, who were recently responsible for a vicious attack upon Skaro, (PROSE: Terror Task Force) out into the open.

The Daleks chased the ADF trio around the planet for a while, before trapping them with a ticking time bomb made of the Universe's hardest material, Crantinium. The bomb offered none of its secrets to the ADF team. They couldn't defuse it, but at the last moment, Mark Seven remembered that Crantinium was also magnetic. In a great flurry of activity, he sent the bomb hurtling towards the Dalek Deep Space Battle Cruiser in orbit of the planet. It clicked to the side of the Dalek craft just in time for the device to explode. The Dalek threat, at least in this part of the Universe, had been neutralised. (PROSE: Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!)

Behind the scenes Edit

Omegon is also the name used for Omega in the children's book K9 and the Time Trap.

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