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Once in a Lifetime (comic story)

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Once in a Lifetime
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Main enemy: Miff
Main setting: Solar City, Galactica Minor
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel UK
Writer: John Freeman
Artist: Geoff Senior
Letterer: Stuart Bartlett
Release details
Printed in: The Incredible Hulk Presents 1
Release date: 7 October 1989
Reprinted in: DWCC 21
Format: Comic - 1 part (5 pages)
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Once in a Lifetime was the Doctor Who back-up strip which appeared in the pages of The Incredible Hulk Presents #1. Like all in the series, it was monochromatic and featured the Seventh Doctor travelling alone at the beginning and ending of the story.

Summary Edit

On the planet of Galactica Minor, the Doctor teaches a nosy reporter a lesson.

Plot Edit

The Seventh Doctor is relaxing in a park in Solar City when he is suddenly accosted by Miff, a reporter for the Universal Herald. Miff has noticed the TARDIS materialise, and thus smells a story. He insists upon an interview, but the Doctor is keen to maintain his privacy. Miff threatens to write the story without the Doctor's co-operation, so the time traveller suggests they go to the nearby Metebelis Bar. There, they'll find any number of the Time Lord's friends, and Miff can get some great background material for the story.

The Doctor, though, was lying. The bar patrons are far from his friends. Miff therefore does himself no favours when he tries to ingratiate himself by admitting that he is the Doctor's pal. This incenses the bar crowd, who apparently all have a score to settle with the Doctor. Almost immediately, Miff his running for his life, with a whole line of Doctor-haters following him.

His only escape route is running straight for the TARDIS. The Doctor obligingly lets him in, and they take off before the angry mob can get either of them. The problem for Miff, though, is in the landing. The Doctor drops him off in Solar City — but ten years in the future. By that time, the Universal Herald has gone out of business and Miff has no-one to whom he can sell his scoop.

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Continuity Edit

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