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One Life was the fourth and final story in the audio anthology The Eighth Doctor: The Time War 1, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by John Dorney and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Rakhee Thakrar as Bliss.

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As the full force of the Time War crashes down around the Doctor and his friends, a desperate battle for survival ensues.

But not everyone is playing the same game. Ollistra is after a weapon that could end the war in a stroke and she’ll sacrifice anyone or anything to take it back to Gallifrey. Even the Doctor.

Surrounded by Daleks, and on a tortured planet, only one man can save the day. But he doesn’t want to fight.

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  • It should not be possible for timelines to be rewritten if something is protected by a time lock.
  • The Daleks destroy Tenacity System using a reversal wave, sending the whole solar system back in time like devolution. The Doctor describes it as "space itself going into reverse."
  • Planets form via an accumulation of dust.
  • The Daleks use a quantum causality generator to split a single ship into multiple versions to form a quantum wall. Activating the time engines before deactivating the wall would destroy the ship.
  • Quarren had such psychic potential in the Celestial Intervention Agency that he could change reality with a thought.
  • While not named explicitly, a Chameleon Arch's biodata module makes an appearance as a pendant.
  • If Time Lords die as humans, they die for good.
  • Bliss points out the quantum theory that if the Dalek ship is simultaneously everywhere, then it's also nowhere.
  • The TARDIS leaves an artron trace.
  • Ollistra mentions TARDIS flight lessons.
  • Jedris is an uninhabited planet in the fifty-third Segment of Time.
  • Ollistra uses a hypercube, a "Time Lord emergency communication device," and a temporal flare.
  • The Time Lords accelerate Jedris's system via hyper-evolution.
  • Quarren can see the whole of eternity when he becomes a Time Lord again.
  • Quarren leaves Bliss aboard the TARDIS because he thinks the Doctor would want to "keep this one." He sends the refugees and Time Lords back to their homes and erases himself from history and the Doctor and Bliss's memory.

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