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Ood Escape
Ood Escape
Main enemy: Ood, The Beast
Key crew
Publisher: BBC
Release details
Platform: Online game
Release date: 2006
Ood Escape was an online game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.

Story Edit

Guide your team to safety and escape the Ood in this Doctor Who online game!

It's the worst case scenario, your crew are trapped in a Sanctuary Base on a hostile planet.

You must direct them to the rescue ship, bypassing obstacles and alien hostiles. (represented in this program by the Ood). Some tunnels have breathable air, some don't. Some of your crew will survive, some won't.

You must successfully complete this module to join the Empire's space exploration program.

How to play Edit

The player has to use the arrow keys to move the map and see where he is going. He also needs the mouse to move the humans. Furthermore the player can press c for controls h for help and m for map.

Some doors can't be opened without keys, so the player has to collect the keys before he can go through the doors. Some doors have a pressure pad that has to be pressed to open them. To go through the tunnels without air the player needs to activate a valve. He does so by choosing a number of valves with the mouse.

At least 2 out of 4 humans have to be rescued and brought to the shuttle. The human's can't be detected by the ood. Obstacles have to be avoided.

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