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The Holy Order of Oras were a religious group of the Ice Warriors who worshipped the Osiran known as Horus. The leader of the organisation was known as the Holy Bishop.

They followed the teachings of the Book of Oras which includes the Sermon of Liis. The Order's teachings were of a non-violent nature and asked its followers to abandon such means. The Ninth Book of Oras is the Rebirth of the Father. The Order's pacifistic teachings meant that they dispensed with the practice of wearing protective armour that was commonly seen amongst their brethren as it symbolised an aspect of their racial psyche the followers of Oras despised. Among the followers of Oras was the Utet-Sak-Oras which was central to the faith and was hand-drawn from an Osiran star sapphire.

In 2157, the Holy Bishop and the leaders of the polar nests authorised a pilgrimage led by Abbot Aklaar to G'chun duss Ssethissi as a symbolic act of relinquishing the Ice Warrior ways by destroying the Sword of Tuburr. Through Martian contacts, the Adjudicator Bureau uncovered this act and sent an agent to infiltrate the human expedition that later joined the pilgrims. (PROSE: GodEngine)

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