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You may be looking for the religious concept or the novel.

Original Sin was the tenth story in Big Finish Productions' Novel Adaptations range. It was an adaptation of the novel of the same name.

Publisher's summary Edit

A warning from a dying alien leads the Doctor and Bernice to Earth. However Earth in this time period is not a good place to be.

The murder rate is rising, but the killers seem to be acting without motive. The TARDIS crew's investigations lead them to a military training planet, a prison inside a star, and a terrifying old foe.

And all the time they are being pursued - by two dogged Adjudicators who've stumbled onto a terrifying conspiracy. Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester.

Things will never be the same again.

Plot Edit

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Deviations from the original novel Edit

  • Likely due to copyright issues, the behind-the-scenes villain of the original novel is never explicitly identified by name in the audio, although the dialogue between him and the Doctor makes it clear that he is still intended to be Tobias Vaughn.

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