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The Orion Express was a space-bound train that was used to take passengers on a scenic trip through space, and owed its name to the star constellation of Orion, which it passed on its travel routes. It had an exotic buffet with foods which were not all edible to the human palate. Comments by its frequent passengers also suggested the Orion sometimes hosted mystery plays.

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams took a ride on the Orion, where the Doctor found his sonic screwdriver had been stolen. He found it in the possession of a Daxzian thief disguised as a pick-pocketing waiter, seeking to sell it on the black market for a hefty profit. Amy threw several plates at the Daxzian, knocking the alien senseless. The sonic screwdriver fell from the Daxzian's hand and the Doctor recovered it. (COMIC: Trouble on the Orion Express)