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Doctor Ormond Sacker was a Scottish pathologist who was based in London during the 1890s.

He played rugby but had given up the sport by the 1890s. (AUDIO: The Ruthven Inheritance)

While his more refined colleague Professor George Litefoot was initially not terribly fond of the slovenly Dr Sacker, he eventually became a trusted ally of his and, to a lesser extent, Henry Gordon Jago. (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)

On occasion, he assisted Sgt Quick with investigations being carried out by the Metropolitan Police Service, usually when Litefoot was not available. (AUDIO: The Theatre of Dreams)

He was a member of the Far-Off Travellers Club (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil) and was extremely fond of brandy, often mixing it with his tea even while working. (AUDIO: The Theatre of Dreams)

Sacker met his death when he was brutally torn apart by Lord Ruthven in his beastly form. (AUDIO: The Ruthven Inheritance)

Sacker had at least one child before his death. (AUDIO: The Age of Revolution)

Jago once described Sacker as a "cross-eyed Caledonian". (AUDIO: The Bellova Devil)

Behind the scenes Edit

"Ormond Sacker" was the name that Arthur Conan Doyle considered for a biographer of Sherlock Holmes before settling on "John Watson".

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