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Ormsin Ives was a colonist on the planet Teuba. She was a teacher.

Ormsin's husband was killed in an attack by the Hufko. When the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe arrived to aid in negotiations between the humans and the Hufko, Ormsin impressed Evelyn enough that Evelyn suggested she be part of the delegation.

During the negotiations, President Henry deferred to Ormsin. She was able to make the beginnings of an agreement with the Hufko Defence Leader and Mehit. Henry, at Evelyn's suggestion, appointed Ormsin to be the diplomat in the colony's dealings with the Hufko.

Some time later, Ormsin and her staff received two delegations of Hufko to negotiate trade and building plans. She was able to defuse an awkward situation when the angry Delegate Wolfe tried to bring a mining representative to talk with the Hufko.

Unfortunately for Ormsin, the Doctor learned that the humans and the Hufko were not supposed to co-exist in peace. The Doctor removed Ormsin from her time and placed her in the time vortex. (PROSE: The Diplomat's Story)