The Oroborus was a snake-like creature able to traverse dimensions and feed on time. It was also known as "the cosmic serpent". It could consume chunks of the timeline; the more it ate, the more it grew. It could shed its skin like real snakes. Once it was fully grown it could consume an Earth-sized planet in hours.

Some time before 2050, the Oroborus turned Centauri into a black hole by siphoning off its future. This event was known to Alistair Gryffen and presumably to other people on Earth.

The Oroborus made its way to Earth through Gryffen's Space-Time Manipulator and hid in Gryffen Manor's basement. It consumed time until Starkey discovered what was going on and lured it into the Manipulator's path, sending it away. (TV: Oroborus)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Its name comes from Ouroboros, the symbol of the circle of life depicted as a snake eating its own tail.