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Orr was a genetically engineered sexual psychomorph created on Sorva as a weapon. They were given to Vincent Parry as gift from Ro-Jedda and took the form of his late wife Catrin. When Ro-Jedda later had Vincent killed, he instructed Jack Harkness to protect "Orr". Orr was found with a collar strapped to their neck that if detonated, could have destroyed Cardiff. Tyler Steele was uncomfortable around her as he found her weird after turning initially his ex boyfriend known as Damien. Eventually the collar did not detonate and Orr was left to live their life as they wanted it. (AUDIO: Orr)

Later they aided Torchwood by infiltrating the alien hotel in Cardiff when the aliens staying there started dying. Orr realised that the hotel was alive after their sexual reproductive system morphed into a lift. They tried to talk the hotel into letting everyone live, but it would only allow Orr to live as Orr had been kind to it. In the end, most people within the hotel escaped unscathed and Jack offered Orr a job with Torchwood. (AUDIO: Superiority Complex)

Biography Edit

Before meeting Torchwood Edit

Orr was created on Sorva by Sorvix scientists with the intention to use them as a weapon in their war. Their intention was to create a being that would morph into a particular form according to the desires of the person in it's company. Orr was neither male nor female and could manifest in virtually any form of their choosing.

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