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Osamu Aimi-Chopra was a human military conscript in the 38th century assigned to a rescue team sent to investigate why all contact had been lost with the Le Verrier space station in orbit around Neptune. Unlike his colleagues, Chopra was vehemently against the process inside the Morpheus pods which limited the need for humans to sleep. Chopra believed that the Morpheus technology gave too much power to corporations over their workforces and took away the right to natural sleep. With the exposure of the dangerous side effects of using the Morpheus pods over the long term in the form of the Sandmen that consumed the crew of Le Verrier station, Chopra felt in some way vindicated for his hostility to the technology.

Chopra was the object of affection for the Grunt labelled 474, although Chopra found her infuriating and largely thought of her as expendable. However, his attitude towards 474 was dramatically altered when the Grunt sacrificed her life in a dangerous situation on the station to save his. Unfortunately, this was not enough to prevent Chopra from meeting his end at the hands of the Sandmen. (TV: Sleep No More)